Jan 07, 2016 · Not just for porty users, most of the tm guys uses filters, if that filter gets clogged and can't tell while listening to music and the cleaner is cleaning with low airflow and he thinks he is cleaning the shit of the carpet.

What's the best background music for cleaning? If you could listen to only one song, only one time, in your whole life, what song would it be? What is the dirtiest song you’ve ever heard? What three songs best demonstrate the range of music you listen to? What is the dirtiest song you know that you still consider being good music? What are some good songs to clean your room to? | Yahoo Feb 14, 2009 Good songs to listen to while cleaning up room? | Yahoo Mar 18, 2010 Podcasts to Listen to While High | Top - My 420 Tours Jan 08, 2019

Apr 08, 2015 · Need music to get things done around your house? Check out our music and chore pairings! At the end, suggest your own house cleaning soundtrack in the comments. *** Plenty of studies have established a link between listening to music and productivity, especially with repetitive tasks. As someone who has listened to all kinds of music during her

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