Jul 11, 2012 · Right-click the application that you want to add to the Start menu and select Pin to Start on the menu below. You can always remove an app from the Windows 8 Start menu in the future if you like; to do this, right-click the tile for the program and select Unpin from Start on the menu below.

Jan 19, 2013 · If the Metro Start screen is the first thing you see when you login to Windows 8, you won’t be able to see the startup programs. To see them, you must logon to Windows 8 Desktop. So, to make it work easily you will first want to bypass the Metro Start screen and directly sign into the Desktop. Jan 03, 2007 · The solution is to add the desired application into the registry telling it to start when Windows loads. To do that you need to create a registry entry, which is very simple. Jan 10, 2020 · How to add programs to startup for all users in Windows 10 If you’re on a shared computer and everyone that signs into it uses the same program, this is the section for you. The process is extremely similar to the steps for the single user, but the folder location is slightly different and you’ll need to have administrative rights on the Press Windows Key + R, type shell:startup and click OK. Put the program in folder so opened. Let us know if it helps. Good luck :) Hi Kapil, I did (copied the program shortcut to this folder) but it cannot start. You see, in my picture, the program "Hardware Monitor Pro" is set Enable startup. Thanks for reply :)

Or you can deliberately add startup items for the applications you use regularly. This can be done using different methods. Here I have discussed the process through Task Manager. Steps to add or remove Startup Programs in Windows 8. 1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and click on Task Manager from the given options to open the Task Manager. 2. Click on

Jul 03, 2017 · Some Windows apps configure themselves to automatically start whenever Windows boots. But you can make any app, file, or folder start with Windows by adding it to the Windows “Startup” folder. Press Windows+R to open the “Run” dialog box. Type “shell:startup” and then hit Enter to open the “Startup” folder. 8. Right click and select Copy: 9. On your computer, from the same Explorer window, go to:C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. Where USERNAME is replaced by the name of the user that is logging in. 10. Then select Paste Shortcut: 11. After that, the next time you log on, that program will start This will launch System Configuration windows. Click Startup tab. Uncheck to remove the program from startup. And check the program to add in startup list. msconfig is old windows command to control startup programs in windows. To keep your windows 8 startup fast, I recommend to keep only antivirus / firewall in startup list.

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Jun 13, 2019 · Right-click the program you want to fix and select Repair, or if that’s not available, select Change. Then follow the directions on the screen. Then follow the directions on the screen. For more tips, see Repair an Office application . Oct 19, 2019 · For that first, log in to your Windows 10/8/7, Vista or XP and hit the ‘ Win + R ’ key combination to open the ‘Run’ window. Once there, type in ‘ shell:startup ’ and hit the enter key. Now simply copy and paste the programs or its shortcut that you want to automatically start, on Windows startup. Jun 14, 2017 · Once in the Startup folder in Windows File Explorer you can add a shortcut to any program (or folder 2) using whatever technique you like. One approach is to right-click in the right-hand pane, beneath any pre-existing shortcuts, and click on New , and then Shortcut . Unlike windows 7 where there is an easy accessibility using All Programs, Windows 8 gives you this trouble. So it’s necessary to open the StartUp folder. In the following tutorial we will help you find the Windows 8 Startup folder, so that you can easily add and edit the Windows 8 startup items.