How to erase an iPhone or iPad that was lost or stolen

2020-2-27 · Wondering how to erase everything from stolen iPhone? Use "Find My iPhone" feature on iCloud. iCloud enables you to remotely wipe your iPhone. This method works only if you had set up "Find My iPhone" prior to losing your phone. Follow the procedure below. Step 1: Sign in to "Find My iPhone" on another device using the same Apple ID credentials What to Do After Your iPhone Is Lost or Stolen — The Since you had Find My iPhone enabled on it — a prerequisite if you have the AppleCare+ with Theft & Loss plan — Activation Lock is also enabled. This means a potential thief would need your Apple ID password and device passcode before they could turn off Find My iPhone, erase the device, or try to activate it with a carrier. [Quickly Guide] How to Erase iPhone without iCloud Password 2020-5-11 · When it comes to erase iPhone from iCloud, you simply need to visit and login to the iCloud account, opt for Find My iPhone and hit Erase iPhone. However, if you got a second-hand iPhone and don't know the iCloud password or you forgot the password how to erase iPhone without iCloud password? Sounds a bit tricky, right? Well, worry not! How To Use Find My iPhone: The Simple Guide! | Payette … 2020-7-20 · Lost Mode & Erase iPhone. If you aren’t able to recover your iPhone, you can use Lost Mode or Erase iPhone. When you click Lost Mode, you’ll be prompted to type in a phone number that someone who recovers your iPhone can use to get in touch with you.Lost Mode will also make a noise similar to the one made when you tap Play Sound.


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I Can't Erase My iPhone! - Here are the solutions

2014-8-9 · Find My iPhone can be used from any iOS device with the dedicated Find My iPhone app. Alternatively, you can login to and use Find My iPhone from any web browser. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using the Find My iPhone app , but note that the steps to erase a lost or stolen iPhone would be the same regardless of whether 3 Ways Remove Apple ID from iPhone without Password