Open "Google Drive" folder on your desktop. Select a photo and drag it to the trash on your computer. Remove Photos from Google Drive on Mobile Device: Download "Google Drive" app on your mobile device from the Play store & launch it. Open "Google Drive" app on your mobile device. Tap "i" info icon located in front of the photo.

once shared as a "Public" album in Picasa Web Albums, or; there are links on public websites to a "Private, anyone with the link" album; So the first step in removing your image from Google Search is to change the album privacy to any level except "Public" or to "Private" if links were posted to a public website. How to Delete a User Account Picture in Windows 10 (with Sep 20, 2019 How can I remove my Instagram images from Google search If you don't want your photos or videos to appear on Google, we suggest revoking access to the third-party website or setting your account to private. It may take some time for these sites and Google to re-index and remove the images, even if you delete your account. Google just made it easier to delete your search history

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How can I remove my Instagram images from Google search

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