Creates new BGP paths with a route-distinguisher that is equal to the route-distinguisher configured from the VRF that is being processed. All the routes are now compared and at this point, the BGP route selection process is executed.

The exact difference between metro ethernet and MPLS From your side there is no knowledge of MPLS. The PE device that you are peering with will be running MPLS on the "inside" interface(s) to create labels for your routes. They will use a VRF and establish a unique route-distinguisher and route-target information. The route-distinguisher is prepended to your prefixes to make them unique. vrf-table-label on Juniper JunOS | Networkz Blogger Jun 16, 2017

BGP VPNV4的路由信息里的Route Distinguisher值的理解

Mar 09, 2017

Oct 31, 2012

ASN:nn or IP-address:nn VPN Route Distinguisher. The RD is to make sure that all prefixes are unique. The customer prefix + RD together are a VPNv4 route. I’ll pick something simple: PE1(config-vrf)#rd 1:1. Our RD will be 1:1. The next item to configure is the RT (Route Target). This defines where we will import and export our VPNv4 routes. If the VPN plug-in indicates the default route for IPv4 and IPv6 as the only two Inclusion routes, the VPN platform marks the connection as Force Tunneled. Configure routing See VPN profile options and VPNv2 CSP for XML configuration.