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This can be verified with the 'show vpn-sessiondb anyconnect' command, the Username is always listed as : pri/act/fw02# show vpn-sessiondb anyconnect Username : Index : 10264 Assigned IP : Assigned_IP Public IP : Public_IP Protocol : AnyConnect-Parent SSL-Tunnel DTLS-Tunnel License : AnyConnect Premium Encryption : AnyConnect Using Python to Save the VPN-SessionDB of a Cisco ASA May 04, 2020 List Connected VPN Users on Cisco ASA – ciscoasa# sh vpn-sessiondb index 14415 Single Session Username : user1 Index : 14415 Assigned IP : Public IP : Protocol : IKE IPsecOverNatT License : IPsec Encryption : DES 3DES Hashing : MD5 SHA1 Bytes Tx : 116218822 Bytes Rx : 8332463 Group Policy : dlm Tunnel Group : dlm Login Time : 08:04:53 EST Thu Feb 16 2012 How to kill, logoff or disconnect a Cisco ASA remote On CLI – IPsec Remote Access VPN / Cisco Any connect VPN. For any Cisco remote access VPN, first search and see if the user is still logged in. Depending on the type of remote access VPN, enter the appropriate VPN type. Below is an output from the CLI. sh vpn-sessiondb ?

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Monitoring of NAC Sessions - Network Admission Control The show vpn-sessiondb remote command is one of the most commonly used because it displays IPSec as well as NAC statistics of all the VPN clients. As shown in Example 7-41, the session type is remote for remote-access tunnel, and the VPN username is ciscouser. The assigned IP address is and the public IP address is

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Apr 17, 2020 Anyconnect example configuration - Network Engineering bsns-asa5520-1# show vpn-sessiondb detail anyconnect filter name cisco Session Type: AnyConnect Detailed Username : cisco Index : 6 Assigned IP : Public IP : Protocol : IKEv2 IPsecOverNatT AnyConnect-Parent License : AnyConnect Premium Encryption : AES256 AES128 Hashing : none SHA1 SHA1 Bytes Tx : 0 Bytes Rx : 960 Pkts Tx site to site VPN communication dropping every 60-90