To choose the types of TV shows and movies your kids can watch, you can manage their profiles individually or create a profile with the Netflix Kids experience with titles just for kids. Start using parental controls: Create a profile with a specific maturity rating. Choose maturity ratings or block shows

How to choose maturity ratings or block shows When you set a maturity rating for a profile, that profile will see only TV shows and movies that fit that rating. You can also block specific TV shows and movies from individual profiles. Set maturity levels for a profile Block or unblock a TV show or movie Netflix updates parental controls to block specific shows MANILA -- Netflix on Wednesday rolled out new tools to give parents more control over what their kids watch, including the ability to block specific shows. The updates, which were based on user feedback, came as most people are required to stay at home because of the coronavirus-induced lockdown. How to Block Shows in NetFlix * Our Good Life Jun 14, 2017

Jun 14, 2017

Jul 10, 2017 How To Hide Movies & TV Shows From Your Toddler On Netflix Apr 22, 2020

How To Block Shows On Netflix So Your Kids Don't Go Overboard

One thing, however: some of these shows are restricted to certain parts of the world due to Netflix’s geo-blocking practices. You can easily bypass this geo-blocking with certain software, such What’s hot on Netflix right now? It depends on which list Feb 26, 2020 How to unblock Netflix. Best ways ever Nov 13, 2019 How to Set Netflix Parental Controls | Net Nanny 2. Set a PIN to restrict viewing of a certain TV show or movie. Netflix also offers the option of PIN-protecting specific TV series or movies that you do not want your child viewing. By doing so, users on any profile will need to enter the PIN number to access the TV series or movies in your selected list.